Fiddler's Green's in-house luthier shop is where all instruments receive a thorough evaluation and any attention that they may need. All repairs, either previous or performed by us, are noted and each instrument must meet strict set up parameters before being made available for sale.

Set up work is performed by Ben Hodges and may include:

- Adjusting the truss rod for proper neck relief (straightness of the neck)

- Adjusting the action (height of the strings over the fingerboard)

- Adjusting the bridge/saddle for best intonation

- Adjusting the nut slots as needed

- Leveling and crowning the frets as needed

- Cleaning and conditioning the fingerboard

- Tightening and lubricating the tuners and moving components 

While we are not currently offering customer repair work, if you have special requirements regarding the set up of an instrument that we have available please feel free to inquire. We understand that the perfect set up is somewhat subjective and we want each instrument to play its absolute best for each player and their unique style.